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Night and Day Difference Seen With WP Knives Sharpened

I just today received my Southern channel today special knife set and they indeed are very high quality and quite sharp.. can dry shave arm hairs.. YET

when comparing them to my other WP knife set that I changed the angle to 15 degrees, there is a night/day difference when cutting butternut squash.

Both knives were able to cut through the butternut, however the difference is that far more pressure was required when using the new knives. Using my older set that I had converted to 15 degrees, very little pressure was needed as the knives "glided" through the squash. Just to check myself, I again cut with the new knives and still considerable pressure was required and in switching to a smaller length blade of 15 degrees, the knife slid through the squash.

Although I have the Chef's Choice 120, I purchased the VX and converted all my blades to 15 degrees and I am really seeing the difference now that I have new WP knives to work with that have the std angle.