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I recently decided to upgrade my kitchen dishes.   I bought Fiestaware dinner plates, salad plates, and luncheon plates!

Then I asked for some serving pieces for Christmas from my children!    I am all set now!    I bought the color "daffodil" which is a bright yellow/gold!   I love it!!

I am sure some of you out there have Fiestaware.  

What color do you have or what mixture of colors do you use? Woman Wink

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I have the color Lemongrass which is a warm green color. I love my dinnerware!

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I have or had most colors of Fiestaware.  We don’t need any more sets so I buy one or two pieces when a new color is introduced.

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I love that brand and I have the white, you never can go wrong with white dishes.

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I have had Fiesta dishes for over 30 years, and still love looking at the vibrant combination of colors on my table. I try to have every color they offer, but occasionally I will miss one. I also love Le Creuset for cooking, and collect their various colors, although I am partial to the purples, since it picks up a shade in my granite.

  When I was first married, I had the traditional Pfaltzgraff dishes, and then decided I needed some color that Fiesta provided. It is also nice to buy from an American company.

  Enjoy your new dishes! They will last you a lifetime.

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I have & love my fiesta ware in Persimmon, a really pretty orange shade. I recently bought some new pieces from This shade hasn’t been in the stores for about 15 years. picking your color from fiesta is great fun!
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There was a thread about this recently, fun to hear about Fiesta. I have a vintage set with chartreuse, forest, gray and rose.

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I have a service of 8 in lemon grass and another in red with serving dishes.  Also have some pieces with Christmas trees.  

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I have post 1986 cobalt blue which is the darkest blue like navy and I love it! It’s fun to hear what color or colors everyone has. Enjoy your pretty daffodil dishes!


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I have mostly Flamingo colored Fiesta. It's a discontinued color (sadly lol). Kind of a coral/pink.


Enjoy your Daffodil dishes!