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I have lots of cobalt pieces and some lemongrass items as complements. Over the years, I've also tried to purchase every color of the bread trays, small bistro bowls, and ramekins because they make great displays for quick breads, salsas and dips, and other accompaniments for buffets and parties. (And they also make a lovely rainbow in my "party cabinet." Smiley Happy)

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My next door neighbor works at Fiesta ware  up the river from me about 15 miles. I've never owned any, but my daughter in law had a large set, then one day her cupboard broke off the wall, because they were so heavy. She now has a new kitchen and a different brand of dishes. My sister dated a boy from Newel when she was in college in the 40's and she has a mixture  to this day of them, very old. I never liked them, thought they were too chunky.They have days you can go to the factory and go through seconds, I've been there, still wouldn't want any of them.

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I have a few cobalt pieces... LOVE their baking dishes!... everything holds up well, but they do tend to be a bit heavy....

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I never could decide on a favorite color so my set consists of just about every color they offer. Heart

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Oh you're hooked now @Newgate!!!  I've seen that color, very nice. Your meals will be oh so much tastier I guarantee it!!!!

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@Newgate---I did the same thing a year ago--emptied out my old, chipped, boring white junk and bought all the colors of the fiesta line. My fave is the poppy and can't wait for the new color, Meadow. got a few pieces of last years color,  Mulberry. Even been finding some of the retired fiestware online to buy. Would love open shelves to be able to see my bright, happy dishes. I use them everyday. My avatar is of my dishes on my countertop. I have a few pieces of the sugar skulls and vine as well as some Xmas pieces too. Enjoy!!!!!

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Re: My new Fiestaware!!

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I never tried FW. I have seven or eight polish stoneware serving/baking pieces. Love the flowers. A few old Temptation pieces but my dinnerware is Corelle. Light and beautiful and near 30 years old. Enjoy all the beautiful colors. I don’t need another addiction.  😀 but I know you ladies enjoy your colorful FW!  Enjoy!  

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I don't have Fiesta, but two of my kids do and they love them.  If I weren't so old, I would invest in it, but can't see doing it at my age Smiley Happy.  I also do think they would be too heavy for me to handle.  I do love the fact that they are made in the USA!


I do change my mugs every season.  I have Debbie Mumm ones, but could never find any for fall, so I got Fiesta java mugs in 4 different fall them!


Enjoy your Fiesta!


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Switched to Fiesta a few years back and I love to open my cabinets and see all the bright makes me feel happy.  I will say I have a few Corelle dishes salvaged from closing my mother's home and I still like the weight of these.  As I age, they may be my go to in the kitchen.

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Welcome to Fiestaware! I started out 27 years ago with Seamist exclusively. Over the last 3-4 years decided to switch it out for a place setting in each of the primaries and brights. Love the look of crayons when I open my cupboards. All of my pieces are in daily rotation. I don't buy pieces for display only. They are practically indestructible. Still have and use my Seamist pieces that I didn't trade or sell.