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Re: My Keurig died & I'm not replacing it.........

Good for you! Think of all those "pods" in the landfill or maybe at the bottom of the ocean floor

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Re: My Keurig died & I'm not replacing it.........

I loved the original Keurig ... made great coffee and lasted for years.


I had to give up on Keurig when they came out with the 2.0 machine and pods.


I was sensitive to something from the 2.0 pods and couldn't use those, so I could only use the My K-Cup.


When my original machine finally broke, I went through two of the 2.0 machines in less than 6 months, so I went back to a drip machine.  I've got a Ninja right now and like it.

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Re: My Keurig died & I'm not replacing it.........

Boy, do I need new glasses. I thought the title said “Mr. Keurig” died and I’m not replacing”!!!   

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Re: My Keurig died & I'm not replacing it.........

FYI, got the Chulux coffee maker Sat afternoon.  To me, the size is right, the price is right and, the simplicity is right.  Got the orange one - it's a pretty shade - matches the k-cups I get from HSN (wasn't planned thoughWoman LOL); also included were two 'k-cups' for filling with regular coffee should you want, a purple and a green one.  Also bought a k-cup carousel.  These two items easily fit in same space as did my full-size Keurig!


Don't take this as fact 'cause it doesn't make sense, but, using the same brand k-cups and yet now it tastes better:  figure perhaps mind over manner 'cause when first using this machine I was standing over it as it was brewing and it smelled delicious, very rich aroma.


Cons perhaps, I don't mind:  you can only brew up to 14oz at a time; top cover must be locked closed (just twisted slightly) to brew; and, you have to press button on side to turn it on and  after brewing it shuts off automatically.


Pros according to me:  it's cute!Woman Wink

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Re: My Keurig died & I'm not replacing it.........

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@catter wrote:

I purchased the Keurig mini last Nov. when it was the TSV. It died on me the end of March. I called Keurig and they replaced it free of charge. I had the new one in 4 days. I like it and hope it continues to work. I only drink one cup a day and for whatever reason never was able to get it to taste all that great when I had a regular coffee maker. We'll see what happens from here. Fingers crossed.

Hi @catter did you need the original box it came in to return it? I'm just curious. Our mini Keurig (the same TSV) also died within a few months.  The mini didn't work for us anyway (even though just 2 of us).  When we had company, I got so tired of refilling it and watching it decide if it wanted to brew.  Just replaced it with a regular Keurig.


I hope your replacement Keurig continues to work well.

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Re: My Keurig died & I'm not replacing it.........

@mustang66lady wrote:

I like my coffee HOT.  Keruig just never got it hot enough for me or at least the model I tried.   I went back to an old Corning Ware cornflower stove top coffee pot.  Brews the coffee so much smoother than drip-tried the same coffee in my Mr. Coffee and in the Coring Ware and no one would believe it was the same brand of coffee.   It does take longer to perk and I am retired but can't see myself going back to a drip or a Keruig type coffee maker.   Best part is I picked up the Corning Ware at a consignment store for 3.00.  

@mustang66lady Be careful with those Corning stovetop coffee makers.  Some of them were on recall years ago for the handle coming loose from the pot and causing burns and breakage.  Check your model on the internet to see if yours is on the recall list.

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Re: My Keurig died & I'm not replacing it.........

Thank you @Marky1 .  I will do that but have had my stove top coffee pot for many years now.   It's never a bad idea to check just to be sure.   My experience with the older original Corning Ware Cornflower pieces are that they have been proven safe; it is the later models that were made after the company was sold and the pyroceram no longer used in production that are in question.   Hope you have a great weekend!