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@Annabellethecat66 wrote:

I forgot to say I gave my youngest daughter all of my appliances.  I had the wing ding Kitchen Aid mixer (the powerful one).


Can you believe I had a friend take them all to UPS and have UPS put them in boxes and send them out?  Anyway, I already had a lot of attachments for it but she wanted the spiralizer so I bought that for her.  She said it is amazing.  She said it works just like it's supposed to.


She wants the pasta thing now.  She skiis and does every sport known to man every weekend so I don't know when she's thinking she'll cook.  She isn't married but has a boyfriend who has his own apartment.



Get her a Philips Pasta machine!  WOW is that the best.  

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Now that I've got the wok coming, I went to Evine and got Paula Deen's induction burner 1500w for $49.99 with 5 easy pays. I plan to use it with the wok on my table so I have tons of space to cook with it when I do fried rice or lo-mein or steaming veggies or pot stickers. It would be good for doing the spiralized noodles too, so I'm ready. I've got an electric stove, so it doesn't get hot enough for proper stir fry or many Asian recipes. I've got several Asian cookbooks that I'm looking forward to breaking out and cooking with my new toys. I had an induction burner on my Black Friday list, but now that is done. My Black Friday list is empty, so I'll just save my money.
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@CLEM wrote:

@hopi  did you watch the midnight show, the one @Annabellethecat66 referenced?   Because I didn't see a single malfunction and the machine seemed quite sturdy.   I will be sure to really very closely watch the 9 pm show.  


I used to love my food processor too until I was careless when removing the blade insert and somehow cut straight through the tendon on my left thumb.  I now have a healthy respect for these open blades.


Whenever reading about these accidents it makes me shudder.  Sorry to hear that.  In the last show his red onion would not cut..  I really hope it works for you and please let us know because it will be on my list.  It is selling out.

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Am I the only one who ordered this spiralizer?   I can't wait to get it.


About a week ago I went to Whole Foods and got a container full of spiralized butternut squash.  When I cooked it with just a bit of olive oil, it turned to mush in less than two minutes.  It didn't taste at all like butternut squash.  Hated it.  I wonder what they put on it to preserve it>

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I bought the Wolfgang spiralizer when it was the TS.  I love it and use it every week.   When it stops working, I may think about getting the KA spiralizer attachment.  For now, I'm happy with the one I have.  Fast and very easy clean-up.