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Masterbuilt Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I am getting hungry for some wonderful this leads to the following questions which I would really appreciate David's and others input on!

- Will you be having a TSV for an electric turkey fryer before Tday?

- Would you recommend the Masterbuilt Butterball XL Electric Turkey Fryer that frys up to a 20lbs turkey?

- Will a turkey OVER 14lbs get done in the middle as well as a turkey under 14lbs?

- What electric turkey fryer does David own and used for his Tday meal last year? I remember him talking about it.

- I do not see the XL electric turkey fryer on the website, will this be coming back soon?

THANK YOU MUCH in advance for getting David's opinions and responding soon!

Early Happy Turkey Day All!

I love David and Mary and watch them as often as I can!!!


(Yep, I am 6'2") {#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}