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Costco mashed potatoes. Very good.

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@Suesues wrote:

I bake the potatoes, cut in half and they  fall out if the skin.  Add butter, cream or whatever. They aren’t wet like boiled potatoes. Even easier, Costco’s potatoes are good. 


I never thought about baking the potato. The next time I make mashed potatoes, I'm going to try this method.

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@godi wrote:

What potatoes do you use for your mashed potatoes? Are Yukon potatoes ok to use? Any help is greatly appreciated. 🎄


@godi,  I love using Yukon Golds. I now use my CE 2 quart pressure cooker to make them.  They are cooked to perfection in 6 minutes and I use the old school stainless hand masher right in the pot.  They are absolutely delicious every time!

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I read somewhere that potatoes to be cooked should be started in cold water wirh salt added as that's the only way they will absorb the salt. That's what I do.  I don't use salt in cooking otherwise,