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I am watching Gourmet Holiday and Mary Beth is presenting the Vintage Wine Gaze.  She has mentioned before that she doesn't drink.  I found it interesting that she drank some.  I don't find it annoying I just am mystified.  Maybe because it's not all 100% wine??

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@luvmybeetle I don't think what the hosts sample is real alcohol as I think that would put liability on their employer if something happened.

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She probably doesn't drink a glass of wine.  But, when she does these shows she's just tasting the wine.

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I made a decision in my early 20's to not drink; nearly 50 years later, I have never considered changing my mind.  I don't feel a need to include alcohol in my diet, or my routine.


However that does not mean I haven't tasted different adult beverages, the same small sip Mary Beth took in her on air presentation.  I have indeed tasted different wines, bourbon, gin, vodka, tequila, and beer.  None of it appeals to me, or comes close to making me think I've missed out on something.  

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I'll never forget how that one guy made fun of her and tried to trip her up to drink some kind of alcoholic drink.


That was cruel.  The guy used to be on the kitchen shows all the time with the bad complexion. Seemed like he did the juicer.   Bob something or the other.


Don't know what religion she is, but, that's her business. If she doesn't want or like that stuff she shouldn't  been laughed at.


Enough drunks in the world.

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"Vintage" wine   and seltzer in a can?  Oxymoron!

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She also won't dress up for Halloween during any of the special Halloween shows. She said it's against her religion to celebrate that holiday.

To each her own. 

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Her wishes to not partake should be respected for whatever her reason is. Perhaps she doesn't like the taste, the way it makes her feel, interference with medication, addiction issues in her family, religion whatever! Leave her alone.

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GAZE® is a light, low-alcohol, refreshing Moscato produced from California's sunny vineyards, master-blended with natural flavors of black cherry for anytime you want to be fully in the moment. Calories per 5 fl. oz. serving: 70 calories

4.5% alcohol.


i have never heard mary beth say that she NEVER drinks, but maybe she has.....or maybe she has one of these types of low alcohol drinks when she wants to? in her presentation she actually says she is "not a big drinker."


they are not bad.....we enjoy them while sitting on the beach or by the pool. the canned, low calorie, light alcohol percentage beverage industry is EXPLODING. my daughter and her husband are big fans of these types of drinks, especially during the warmer weather.


Vintage Wine Estates 6 Cans GAZE Moscato Wine Cocktails -

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I don’t really drink, but if you offered me a glass of something with alcohol in a social setting, I might say yes.