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Those do look good.  You air fried them right? or baked?  You could do either especially if you have a countertop convection oven where you could do a larger batch of air fried.

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Re: Mamie's Pies

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I sinned and fried in tad of butter since hubbo is eating them he hates healthy ways says it's stupid. LOL


"My mother used pig lard to fry meat in and make pie crusts and she lived to be 93" LOL


I've air fried and not a whole lot of difference in time to fix or taste, but, I have to humor him.


I'm putting french fries in oven for supper he'll grumble about that too probably LOL

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They do look inviting.    I was,going to order them,  until I looked at the nutritional info.  Especially the amount of sugar.


It wast pretty easy to make my own using less sugar.  And taste homemade good.

Good luck.