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Re: Looking for a tea kettle ..any suggestions ?

I don't suggest enameled, although they look nice. I made such a divot in the one I bought when I dropped it. Cuisinart makes nice stainless ones that only set you back twenty dollars.

I like the electric ones--again, Cuisinart makes a beautiful one. (I think half my kitchen small appliances are Cuisinart. Says something about the company.)

It boils at different temperatures, so if you like green tea, you can heat the water to a cooler temperature than for coffee or hot tea. We got used to these in Europe, though they boil four times faster there (220 volt makes things heat faster.)

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Re: Looking for a tea kettle ..any suggestions ?

On 1/6/2015 Sooner said:

I am on my second electric ones. The $14 white plastic one I bought at Target a zillion years ago never gave up the ghost, but I invested in a better looking stainless one that does a number of temperatures for tea. They are great. I wouldn't go back to stovetop.

They are faster, shut off, and don't require watching.

I got one of those too, much easier to clean as we get sediment from the water here.

I could never get the stainless ones clean inside. Plastic is lighter too.

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