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Christmas bowls and bags came. I am glad I was able to get the rectangle ones also as I really like the size. Now I am set for baking goodies to give away.

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I bought the rectangle and ended up cancelling.  I think they were the perfect size.

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I received the rectangle set a few days ago. They are really nice and all the tabs were not broken as some received. They make nice gifts.

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These do make nice gifts. Good ideas on this board for my gift list. Thanks! Smiley Happy


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I bought the 9 x 13 glass dish with lock and lock lid for my niece. She liked it, but wanted to suggest that there need to be handles on each end as are found on the older pyrex dishes on the market. I wonder if lids could be made to snap on the sides and elongated on the ends to accomodate such a handle.



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does anyone have the phone number and/or email for lock and lock customer service? the phone number i have is no longer in service. i have a lid where one of the tabs has snapped off and i would like to replace it.

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