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Re: Lock and Lock Holiday Bags and Bowls

last years TSV was six bowls with six gift bags.....$19.95 with $5 for shipping......each additional set was $3 off of the price. the bowls were slightly bigger than the first year.


the first year they offered these the pricing was the same, but with reduced shipping for each additional set purchased.

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Re: Lock and Lock Holiday Bags and Bowls

@Mothertrucker wrote:

Just becuase they wont be  TSV doesnt men they wont have them...



This is what I was going to say. I believe they were a TSV for two years in a row, so what I'm hoping is they bring the concept back but with square or rectangles inside instead of the bowls. 


I too would like to see them offered in other seasons, especially fall. And it would be nice if the containers had graphics matching the bags. I know that would cost more, but would be fun.