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Lidia Bastianich on CNBC right now

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I have some of this TV celebrity cook's casserole dishes.  I love the quality of her ceramics (way beyond anything offered by TempTations) and she is giving a very interesting  interview on air at this moment.


Well, it's over now.  Wasn't about cooking, but about their family restaurant and doing business in America.

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Her stuff is made in China as well, the better side of China?


I actually love her, I have her cookbooks.

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Re: Lidia Bastianich on CNBC right now

If you don't have any of her cookbooks, I can recommend " Lidia's Favorite Recipes ". It is a wonderful Italian cookbook.

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Re: Lidia Bastianich on CNBC right now

QVC used to sell a few pieces of Lidia Bastianich's cookware and dishes.  


Cookware aside, Lidia's PBS cooking show is one of the few I enjoy.  I particularly like that she uses ingredients I have heard of and can easily find in my local supermarkets.  Her cookbooks are great!  Cook's Country and America's Test Kitchen are two other cooking shows I enjoy.  The rest seem to make cooking seem so complicated to me, but I confess to considering myself to not be a good cook, so what do I know. 

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Re: Lidia Bastianich on CNBC right now

I like ATK and CC better since Chris isn't on them any more.  Everyone seemed so uptight when he was there.  I have watched his new show Milk Street, but people on it are even more uptight, at least to me, and the "recipes" are odd.  


I think he is late to the party with foreign food influences.   We have been there done that, and it is part of our common food culture now