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I have had two lid-its that cracked while in oven at 350. At this point I do not even want to use the casseroles in the oven. Very unhappy with product. Called temptations customer service was told since I purchased the items at a QVC outlet store they would not replace them. I thought a warranty was a warranty.
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Re: Lid-its that crack in oven

the same thing happens to the cookie sheets. They did replace them but cracked again. I have given up on them!!!! No problem with casserole dishes though.


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Re: Lid-its that crack in oven

I read an article that said baking dishes made in China - are made of a different material compound than our United State's standards. It went on to say: the difference is in the (high) temperature tolerance - US material can withstand higher than China.

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Re: Lid-its that crack in oven

I think I remember reading once that if they are filled with something, they won't crack. The lid-its do crack. But then again, I have seen posters saying that baking dishes have cracked when making things in them. I don't have any lid-its, but would love some. I think I would use them mostly for serving. I haven't had any trouble with my bakeware (yet)