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All the above... lol. : )
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Chips, queso, and a frozen margarita-no salt.

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Any kind of pasta noodles with butter and parm - that's all I need.

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Hot dogs and more hot dogs. Ice cream!

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On 1/9/2015 HonnyBrown said:

Last month, I had icing for lunch.

You're my kind of gal! {}

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Ms Gulf Coast - I made rigatoni last night w/Ital sausage and garlic bread - YUM!

Ms Sunshine - YUM!!! eggs benedict. now I need to go fix breakfast an d I KNOW exactly what I'm having.

Ms Lori, if you find that hunk of a man to serve, I'll be needing him too.

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The Grand Slamwich at Denny's.

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A big spoonful of Cool Whip!

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Lobster salad roll on a grilled hot dog roll, warm homemade tapioca pudding and a KFC original recipe chicken breast. If I am ever on death row that is my request for a last meal Smiley Happy
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I've never met any food I didn't like! (Except maybe cottage cheese and sour cream!)