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Re: Let's Share Kitchen Goofs!

@Pook wrote:

Making cookies for the holidays, I made a triple batch of cookies and had everythi g measured and ready to mix.  I got a phone call and had only mixed half the sugar and must have set the bowl with the rest down  and forgot about it.  I've also in my clumsiness, dropped/dumped huge bowls of filling for lady lock cookies after spending much time whipping.  

@Pook I had never heard the term "lady lock" cookies and were surprised they were cream hornes.  I haven't seen a cookie table at a wedding, maybe it's a regional custom.

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Re: Let's Share Kitchen Goofs!

Growing up I was in 4-H and was making a practice round of cookies for my (first year, I think) Foods project.  Instead of sugar, I added the called for amount in salt.  To this day, I hate baking (and don't do it) and am not that fond of cookies.  

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Re: Let's Share Kitchen Goofs!

There were four couples in our group, and we regularly got together for dinner at each other's homes, and each couple would usually take something to compliment the meal.


For this particular get together I was doing dessert.  I did a lovely pumpkin cheesecake, got it on the serving platter and was taking it to the fridge in the garage to chill.   Yup, when I bent down to put the cheesecake in the fridge the whole thing slid off the platter onto the garage floor! Wow, what a mess.

After my shock wore off, and a few choice words, I noticed that parts of the cheesecake was not done!  Then, I realized that my disaster was actually a good thing.


So, on our way to our friends house we stopped by Costco and bought the mocha something cake (rectangular in shape )and everyone loved it.

Saved myself a lot of aggravation if I had done that to begin with!  

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Re: Let's Share Kitchen Goofs!

I was making homemade croutons and I left them in too long and they burnt. I still make them every time I make a ceasar salad and now I know that I have to watch them more closely.

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Re: Let's Share Kitchen Goofs!

@ECBG wrote:

@granddi wrote:

My daughter was about 12 and was learning to cook. She used to complain that "if you can read (the cookbook) you can cook".


The task for the day was a boxed pineapple upside down cake. The mixing process went smoothly and then into the oven. 


After a while I checked the oven. To my surprise there was a toothpick standing at attention in the center of the cake. After my laughter, she pointed out the box directions: BAKE UNTIL WOODEN STICK INSERTED IN CENTER, COMES OUT CLEAN!

@granddi Is this story true?  It sounds like something you would read!!!!!Smiley Happy

 I guess because of the density of the pineapple was enought to support the toothpick. I have told this story on the forums before. Truth is stranger than fiction I guess. 


I remember my mother and g'mother breaking off a broom sick and bending it in half to insert in a cake to test for doneness. It could not be too brittle as to break but was best if it was pliable enough to make a loop. The loop had to be clean when it came out of the cake.

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Re: Let's Share Kitchen Goofs!

Adding baking soda instead of cornstarch to a sauce was bad enough, but the fact that it was for the main course for a dinner we were giving my boyfriend's sister and her husband just added to the sink-through-the-floor factor. Since then, I keep the baking soda and the cornstarch--which both have yellowish boxes--at opposite sides of the cupboard, and I taste everything before I serve it.

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Re: Let's Share Kitchen Goofs!

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Made a cake once and after baking the cake, cleaning up the dishes and realized I never put the eggs in, sitting cracked in a prep bowl.   I’m sure there are other goofs.  


My favorite,  I have shared here before, from the early 70’s, my coworker friend was making her boyfriend dinner.  Back then, ham came in the can with the key.  She calls her mom after an hour or two, and asks her how do you get it out of the can with the hot key.  We laughed for years about it. They were lucky it didn’t explode.  She said, hey, I was 18 in my first apartment.  Cooked it right in the sealed can.  Probably regretted sharing that one.  😂

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Re: Let's Share Kitchen Goofs!

@hopi wrote:

Took a homemade sweet potato pie out of the oven in a tin pan by the edges of the pan not the baking sheet it was on.

Needless to say the pie collapsed inward.  There was pie all over the oven door, oven floor and kitchen floor. .  Needless to say I laid in the bed with a pillow over my head until it cooled enough to clean it up

That happened to me as well. Several years ago, I purchased a frozen pie at Walmart. Put the tin on a cookie sheet - and tried lifting it out of the oven on both sides of the tin. WHOOPS!!! Pie all over the oven and floor. Now - the directions on the boxes say to remove the cookie sheet. I emailed the company - and NO RESPONSE!!!! That was upsetting.

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Re: Let's Share Kitchen Goofs!

I have two, both involving the stove.


Our pre-remodel kitchen had and electric cooktop with those spiral heating elements. I had a bad habit of using the elements as trivets. One day I had just made a Rubbermaid pitcher of iced tea. I accidentally sat the pitcher on the still hot burner that I used to boil the water. The bottom melted and all the tea went under the burner. I had to remove the 3 cool burners and shove a lot of rags into the space underneath to soak up all of the tea. The unpleasant smell of melted plastic lingered a while too.


Our kitchen now has a glass-ceramic range. I use a wet microfiber cloth to clean up dust and light messes. Once again, I made iced tea. I wasn't thinking, and didn't pay attention to the hot surface light. I started wiping the top of the stove, and when I went over the hot burner, the cloth got stuck and a bunch of it melted onto the burner. It became hard when it cooled. I thought it was ruined because I wasn't able to get it off with the cooktop cleaner. I was able to scrape it off with a gift card. It took a while, but it all came off without scratching.

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Re: Let's Share Kitchen Goofs!

One of the things that I've done many times is I'll put some side dish in the microwave to heat for dinner and then I'll forget about it.  I'll get busy and not pay attention to the ding of the microwave.  


Then after dinner when we are cleaning up I'll suddenly remember the food in the microwave.   My husband will say just wrap it up and I'll eat it tomorrow.  I always tell him you won't like it once it's been heated that many times.  I usually just throw it away.