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I'm wondering how long QVC has offered Le Creuset. I have never seen a show or even seen it offered. Do any of you use this brand and what do you think of it? Also, do you believe the QVC price or selection is better than other places?

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I have one of their teakettles which I love. So cute. I got mine at a local store during a 20% off sale. They also have products at outlets, but I have never priced them there. I used to have more pieces when my wrists and hands worked better but now they are too heavy.

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Love my Le Creuset! I purchased mine at Le Creuset outlets. They have very good prices and run specials. They will open boxes and let you examine the pieces for defects. Most of the time, the only defect is a few speckles of paint. I checked QVC prices, and I think I paid quite a bit less at the outlet. TJ Maxx and Marshalls also have LC from time to time.
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The Le Creuset stockpot was offered as a TSV. I saw the presentation for it on David Venable's In the Kitchen with David. It was offered in several classic Le Creuset colors but it was pricey nevertheless, even at its deeply discounted price. I have seen the same item at TJ Maxx as a second for far less but it was flawed. I usually purchase pieces at the Le Creuset outlet store, they have first quality there and offer special savings. eBay is probably even better. Personally my favorite is a lasagna pan, received over thirty years ago. It receives minimal use and looks brand new. I kept the box it came in, too. I find the quality of anything baked in it to be unsurpassed. If I had stronger wrists I would own more pieces. It is commitment to lift a piece of Le Creuset.

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I've seen it on in the kitchen with david, if you're looking for shows that present it. I've owned Le Creuset for many years and I use my various pots from them daily.

As far as selection, no QVC doesn't have anywhere near the best or widest selection.

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