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@crazycockermom did you get the Oyster?  I debated between that & the Meringue because the Soleil was sold out.  I bought the Meringue, but when I checked later the Soleil was back so I switched my order!  This will be my first piece.

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Is the color Cool Mint retired - I can't find it on the Le Creuset site?  Is this one different?  

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@toril wrote:

Is the color Cool Mint retired - I can't find it on the Le Creuset site?  Is this one different?  

I think so.  It was in the LC outlets I believe last year and was deeply discounted since it was being retired.  Go figure.

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@crazycockermom Late to the party here, but I think Fig looks pretty on the LC site!  Also I love emerald green and purple together--think emeralds and amethyst!  



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I've gotten two pieces of the Signature collection, a smaller dutch oven and a frying pan in the Carribean color (?) turquoise.  


I don't know what it is, but I hate the color!


I also have some Fiesta dishes, bowls, bakeware, etc. in their turquoise color and hate it.


DH knows to never bring me coffee in a blue cup.  I've never used one.


Funny how colors can make us happy, or in my case....not.

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Re: Le Creuset colors

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Two  mint LC pieces I bought at an LC outlet a few years ago  look different from the "cool mint" on QVC--lighter and more ombre in coloring.


The one pictured below that recently sold on ebay is identical to the heart-shaped 1.5-qt. that I bought. a few years ago---for a much lower price!   My other piece is larger.  Love them both.



Sold Feb 14, 2021 
Le Creuset Cast Iron 20cm Heart Shaped Casserole Pot - Cool Mint


Le Creuset Cast Iron 20cm Heart Shaped Casserole Pot - Cool Mint

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Eventually you might have a rainbow collection if you add pieces in the future.  It just depends on what is available in new pieces.  Outside of cerise or another basic color I think it will be impossible to match all pieces.  

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@crazycockermom wrote:
Thank you all for the input! I think I’m going to go for the oyster. Interesting that Waking Dream said the Provence was retired. I thought the Q said it was new. I guess it was new to the Q! And the cool mint was discontinued too? Yet the Q said it’s new and exclusive. Is the Q selling old stock as new? Weird.

I bought two Provence pieces at the outlets in 2019 and was told it was definitely retired. I also read somewhere that Oyster might be retired soon too. Cassis is very hard to find and was also in the LC outlets as retired, yet it pops up occasionally on QVC as well. I bought most of my Cassis at the outlets when it was 50% off. Not really sure this is the case anymore with any color given the reemergence of Cool Mint at QVC and Rosemary in the outlets as a "new" color, but do think they decide to make colors exclusive to specific retailers after removing them for a few years. 

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Cool Mint and Cassis cast iron items are still sought after on E bay...


Check the "sold" listings for cast iron Cool Mint or Cassis items..


Frankly, I like the color so don't care if it's retired. I like to buy brand new cooking items, and I like QVC for easy pay. But I do buy on E-Bay too...if it's a new item.


Check it out!!!


I'm looking for a cast iron lid only now on E-Bay to fit this cassadou....It appears to be a #26 lid. There are a few on Ebay, but I'll wait a bit.....


One of my Stainless Steel lids from my All Clad set fits this cassadou...I was only checking to make sure I had a lid in case I broke the glass lid ( which I've done in the past!!)

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In the past, LC retires colors and brings them back frequently, and also have colors  unique to a certain retailer often.  


They came out with coastal a long time ago and sold it only in and around Charleston.  Then it would go away and come back, and then was more widely distributed.


Cool mint also comes and goes and some of the yellow shades, as well as a more greenish yellow Williams Sonoma sold called Quince--one of my all time favorites!


My advice is be willing to mix and match, and throw in a neutral here and there like a beige/white/or sand color, and a darker brown/oyster/navy/black.  Then use the main pieces in neutrals and add colors as you love them in the smaller pots.


Think about what you cook and serve together--a big pot of beans and the cornbread; a roast and a side of scalloped potatoes; a braiser dish or cornbread and a pot of soup or chili; a casserole or lasagna; pan of pork chops and creamed corn; etc. and think about the main dishes (larger pots) and sides!