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I have a few pieces of ECI (enamel cast iron), 1 is le Creuset (from outlet)1 staub, ( TSV from Q), 1 is an old Belgian piece (bay).  

I like how they function but rarely use them due to the weight-  

I have never paid and wouldn’t pay, close to what they are charging for this TSV. It’s way overpriced IMO for 1 pot.

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@house_cat wrote:

I don't want to burst anyone's bubble if they ordered this, but I would really caution against it.  I have a traditional LC Dutch oven with the knob on the lid.  Lifting it out of the oven is tricky - it's very heavy when full.  When it comes out of the oven it is screaming hot and it's precarious enough to lift the lid with the knob - I'd be very wary about lifting a scorching hot lid with the side handles. If you're in the market for a LC Dutch oven, I highly recommend them, but I would stick with the traditional lid for safety reasons.

You are spot on with your comments.  I wouldn't buy this design either.  I can see dangerous burns happening.  I'm a 90 lb. weakling so I would probably be the first to drop this and scald myself removing it from the oven!!!

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I did order it in white and it is out for delivery today. Hopefully the glass lid I have for a Staub pan will work with it. If it does, fantastic. If not, let’s hope there is no chipping or other problems on what I get and we will see from there. I agree it would be too heavy using the top as a regular lid. I had one before in an oval with a grill lid and sold it due to the weight. 

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I did purchase this Le Creuset oven as the TSV, but after reading the posts I decided to cancel the order.  I LOVE Le Creuset...I have more than I being said I was really on the fence to begin with about the lid/cover/baker design.  I’m not crazy about it and I decided I would never use the lid as intended.  I prefer the good old lid with a knob.  I did notice that all the colors are back and available after they all sold out.  Either others changed their minds or they got  anew shipment.  In any event, QVC offers a beautiful Le Creuset selection, and the easy pay makes this very expensive quality cookware in reach for many.  This design was just not for me...