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@loriqvc wrote:

Okay, I understand that the Q wants to promote the TSV when David is on because he has such a large viewing audience, but showing a long AIR CONDITIONER presentation TWICE in a three-hour kitchen show is utterly ridiculous. I sometimes tune in and tune out depending on what is being shown, but I'm definitely done for the day now.


I filed a complaint with customer service. I called and stated my dissatiaction that they had the air conditioner on for 40 minutes. The AC has its only hour at 4pm so I felt it was needless to have David hawking it on ITKWD. The representative took note that other people called with the same complaint so hopefully something becomes of it. People just wont tune in if this continues.  Many of us make plans around QVC programming and our time could have spent wiser.

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I agree with your point. On the cooking shows, the items demonstrated can be used by virtually all viewers. However, with the air conditioner, David made it clear that poeple who had homes with crank out windows could not use the product. My opinion is to keep to the purpose of the show, kitchen. Keep to the reason that viwers tune in. 

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I think the HSN cooking shows are much better.  They always have been.  They do demonstrate the products, but they also show us how to use them.