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I noticed one of my Corning Ware items is chipped. I currently use Corning Ware from 50-60s (moms) or my stainless pots (Stovetop use but handles can’t go in oven)
Should I start buying La Creuset or continue with what I have.
I know it is a big investment.
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I have stainless cookware and 2 cast iron covered pans.  Neither is La Creuset.  I do have two of their pieces, but one is frying pan and one is a griddle which were on special pricing offers when I purchased.  My other pans are, in my opinion, very good quality cost much less.  I love my cast iron for pot roasts, stews, casseroles.  The cast iron is heavy, and with a 3-4 pound roast added very heavy.


Research other cast iron, Staub comes to mind, also Cuisenart (not sure of that spelling).  Of course the La Creuset will be excellent quality, and of course more expensive.

Good luck in your search and enjoy your cast iron pieces!

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LE Creuset is heavy.  For most of my stovetop cooking, I have invested in All Clad stainless and am very happy with the investment I made in it.


For soups, chili, casseroles, baking, etc. Le Creuset is wonderful.  But it is heavy.  It cleans up far far better than Corning Ware ever did.


Before you invest in either of these brands, I suggest read up on their websites about how to cook in and clean them. If you turn up the fire hot hot on cast iron, bad things can happen.  Lots of foods can quickly burn.


That's simply my take on what I have.  I'm sure you'll get lots of other options and opinions.

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Thanks for suggestions
I have a cast iron fry pan but not a roaster.
I don’t like cleaning drying and oiling to make sure it doesn’t rust.
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too heavy for me too, put food in them barbells and you got something to heft around in the kitchen. drop it on your foot and good luck.


Lot cheaper alternatives that do the same job and not break your

wrist or arm.




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I don't have any Le Creuset stoneware but I have quite a bit of the enameled cast iron and I love them. They are heavy but they're lighter than other enameled cast iron. You can find great prices at TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Home Goods, and the Le Creuset outlet stores. The outlets will ship to you, sometimes free or for $9.99. I have 4 Dutch Ovens, 2 qt., 2.75 qt., 4.5 qt., & 5.5 qt.  The most I paid was $119.00 for the 5.5 qt. Clean up is easy (I do spray Pam before cooking) and only on medium to low heat. You don't have to oil or anything like that.  I wish that I would have bought these a long time ago. 

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Ditto on the TJMaxx and HomeGoods, also Burlington is good to find the occasional big name deal. Found a Scanpan skillet in a Burlington and have always wanted to try it so you never know what you might find. They have a LOT of LC stoneware right now.