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I have been watching the Q since 1991 and have never purchased a food item.  I love to cook and have no interest in prepared food from a home shopping channel.


That being said, many people must buy the stuff because it's always on.  And it's going to be expensive because shipping is included, and they refund anyone who calls with an issue with the product.



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Re: Are you kidding me?

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@Iris in bloom wrote:

I'm gobsmacked as my mom would say. I've had this brand and it's nothing special, I love QVC but they need to treat their customers like they have some brains. 

 @Iris in bloom.  They prefer to treat them like they have money.  They don't  care about brains.  The people who buy this stuff are looking for convenience,  can afford it, so why should anyone else care?  It's really none of our business. 


Everybody is entitled to their opinion..  Just because you comment does not mean you 'care'....


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@Iris in bloom - This will be my last reply on the matter, but I did read all of your posts and all of the posts of the person you're calling out, and nothing said by that person was specifically argumentative or negative—just sharing of an opinion that was not the same as yours. Since you're new to the forums, I think you might be taking things too personally and not understanding that there is a lot of multifaceted discussion and conversation that goes on here, so stating an opinion as a fact and taking offense when others do not agree is probably going to be frustrating for you.


I've also noticed that the majority of your posts in your short time here have consisted of complaints and/or negative feedback. There are a lot of people in the forums who really like QVC and its products, so continuing to post such things will result in responses from people who disagree with you. This doesn't mean you have to stop posting what you want to post; it just means you need to remember that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, so you must be able to engage in civil discourse or just let comments go when they're not in accordance with your opinions. Getting caught up in who is right or wrong when it comes to opinions is a losing battle, plain and simple.