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I haven't watched the KA presentations lately because of the rep's voice.  I decided to check in at ITKWD during an NFL break.  Now I know why I can't watch her.  Her voice hasn't gotten any better.  Yikes!  I went back to the game.....commercial and all.

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  Big contrast between David's deep voice and the Rep's  squeaky voice. 

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Without naming anyone, there are a few vendor reps that could use a few lessons with a vocal coach.  You would think that QVC would make that part of the process for those in need, as most are non-professionals, to have a more successful on-air sales expereince.  Well worth the investment. 

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OMG, first it's slow shipping, then prices, then how some hosts dress, then how the hosts just blabber on and on, then hosts aren't prepared for items they're selling.  Now, it's Tina's voice.  She seems like a pretty nice woman who knows what she's demonstrating. Give me a break (Tina, too) and forget these petty complaints!!!  There are more important things to concern ourselves with -- not someone's voice. 

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Her voice is her voice, perhaps yours annoys people too.

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 QVC is a shopping show, they are not your friends who happen to be showing stuff on TV. The customer should be able to watch a presentation and expect it to be a professional looking and sounding show. I think complaints fall on deaf ears though, the best thing to do is to stop watching, but most of all, stop buying. 

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@Patriot3  Do you remember Laura Weathers? I'm pretty sure QVC was trying to find a similar voice. I, for one, really like Tina. She is adorable!

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@Patriot3  have to agree with you, I can’t listen to her don’t know if it’s me or her but her voice drives me nuts.


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@PA Mom-mom wrote:

@Patriot3  Do you remember Laura Weathers? I'm pretty sure QVC was trying to find a similar voice. I, for one, really like Tina. She is adorable!

I don't agree that they were trying to find someone with a voice siimilar to Laura's.  Tina has a lot of knowledge about cooking and she is excellent at doing the demos and giving tips and recipes.   Some others  may have more pleasant voices, but overall she is doing a very good job.   Also there are many others and many other  vendors that do not have the best TV voices.

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How rude.

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