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@SharkE wrote:

Can't beat their colors, but, the Cuisinart is a better mixer.


Totally!  I'm another Cuisinart fan.  I've had my Cuisinart hand mixer for some 15-20 years and, having tried a KA, I noticed a great deal of difference.  Now that the KA hand mixers are made in China, I wonder if they are even that good anymore.

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I think the old time mixers were probably great products,but,like all things nowdays, companies sell out, send  their factories  elsewhere for the folks who will  work cheaper, no unions, etc.


Reflects in quality, the name stays the same, but,the customer suffers.

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The Kitchen Aid stand mixer is still made in Greenville, Ohio. Too bad the hand mixer is made in China.
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David mentioned that because the hand mixer doesn't sit on your countertop, as the stand mixer does, it doesn't have to be color-coordinated.  That is to say - go crazy and buy the color you really like!