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Keurig Has New "KOLD" Machine

I was on the Keurig web site ordering my coffee and apple cider when I saw that Keurig has a new "Kold" Machine. It makes several  sodas from Coke....coke reg. or diet, sprite, root beer, etc, , flavored water which I live on since I can't have soda due to my kidney disease, several cocktail mixers,  ice tea, sport drinks etc. The carbonation is made by the machine which keeps the water at 39 degrees.  The reviews are very good.

In the article about Keurig being being sold it said that Coke has over 2 Billion invested in this company.

However, this machine right is on special for about $ 300.00. You have got to be kidding me, LOL!  We went from coffee to tea, to cocoa and apple cider and iced drinks. Now add soup and all of the above.  I'm sure there will be one for beer coming down the road pretty fast.  Oh I almost makes a  perfect 8oz glass. A box of 8 k-cups costs $11.99!  WOW!! 

I wonder what this new company will do with Keurig. It does own several coffee companies and does have some type of connection with Starbucks. 

Right now IMO this NEW "KOLD" machine is way to expensive  an 8 oz glass of soda or any other drink it makes.

No Thanks Keurig I would be much happier if I could find a decent k-cup of decaf coffee!

Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays to everyone. May the New Year bring Joy and Happiness to all!





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Re: Keurig Has New "KOLD" Machine

The Kold machine came out at the end of Summer, but it has limited availability (primairly through the Keurig site).  The company had hoped to have it released nationwide much earlier, but ran into numerous problems initially.


I believe the plan is to roll it out nationwide next summer.  Once it beocmes widely available, the costs will presumably drop significantly.  This is somewhat similar to the first Keurgi brewers which were only aailable fro Green Mountain Coffe and were quite pricey when first marketed; now, they have become relatively inexpensive.

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Re: Keurig Has New "KOLD" Machine

I saw it for the first time last night at Kohls.  I believe it was selling for $370.

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Re: Keurig Has New "KOLD" Machine

By the way, Keurig Green Mountain was sold today to private equity firm JAB Holding, a European-American entity.  Of interest, Keurig's sales of pods and brewers have been slumping, down 9% and 32% respectively in the fourth quarter ended Sep. 26.  Its share price was down 61% year-to-date prior to the sale announcement.  New products are intended to offset the downturn in sales of pods and brewers.

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Re: Keurig Has New "KOLD" Machine

I got over my fascination with Keurig & recently replaced mine with a Hamilton Beach dual, which can brew either a pot or just a mug.  Exactly what I really wanted in the first place.


Unlikely I'll ever be interested in the new version for cold sodas.  Aren't there already machines on the market for making your own sodas, at less than $100?

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Re: Keurig Has New "KOLD" Machine

@karlam ... during black friday, it was "on sale" for $199.  Woman Frustrated  This isn't something I would be remotely interested in either.