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Re: Just Received My Ninja Storm

Mine arrived yesterday.  Unpacking it today.  All colors except cinnamon are still available.  Guess we will be seeing these for quite a while.

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Re: Just Received My Ninja Storm

@SharkE wrote:

I wouldn't buy her nothing. Sounds ungrateful to me.

Or maybe she just does not need  all the things she buys her,why not stop?

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Re: Just Received My Ninja Storm

I just got mine today, put the washable parts into the dishwasher, and when the drying cycle was done, I made chicken salad in it for dinner.  It was as easy as I'd imagined and much easier than chopping the chicken and the veggies into small pieces by hand.


They don't emphasize enough that you can store leftovers right in the container.  I can't do that in my Vitamix since, as we all know, the blade doesn't come out like in the Ninja design.  


I love this thing!


I got two - yellow and coral. I may or may not give one to my DD.  She always says she has no more room.

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Re: Just Received My Ninja Storm

@GingerPeach I was looking forward to chopping chicken but it didn't seem to work very well. I think maybe the chicken was too moist. Will try again. I had a variation of this unit years ago and I know it works well.