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I live in Staten Island NY & have been buying Junior's cheesecakes at a local speciality store for many years now ... they sell for $12.99 & are the same size as those sold on QVC!!  If you are ever in Brooklyn NY you should visit Junior's & purchase a cheesecake from the bakery ... their other cakes are great also .... everything is fresh & is not frozen. 😄

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They are very good from the grocery stores.  Don't hesitate to pick one up. It definitely makes it better to eat it just as they describe on QVC, at room temperature. I'm a big fan of Junior's and QVC but no way can I justify spending $76 on one cheesecake here.

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Unfortunately, all of the stores mentioned are regional.   In most of the country, one would have to order them from either Jrs or QVC.


I've ordered several over the many years and always enjoyed them.  The lemon coconut one is my favorite.  They changed it a little bit from the original, but it's still really good.  QVC stopped carrying it, so I have ordered it from Jrs the last couple of times.

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Today, I saw the Key Lime flavor at the Big Y.  Didn't get a chance to price it, tho.  Hope they carry a variety of flavors.  If it's under $20 I will give it a try. Never have ordered Juniors from QVC.  Was tempted, but the price seemed too steep.

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While I am a big fan of Junior's Cheesecake, I love being able to order my favorite (Cheesecake Factory) Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake from my local Barnes & Noble for, $45.00 (14 pieces) with my membership 10% disc combined w/my usual extra $10 off coupon brings that down to around $30 or $2.14 a slice.  It is a toss-up for me!

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I know that  the Kroger  chain of stores are selling  the  cheesecakes and they also  have a   1.00 off     on their site. I have not seen them.  


I   wish people would realize that   Sugar Free does not mean it is healthly  for a diabetic.       Today       ,     when   Junior's  was on today   all they kept saying  if you are a diabetic  or watching your sugar intake  this will   work.  NO , it will not in some cases.    Please give   out  the   carb count  and   ALL  ingredients .