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Ok.  We all eat, yes?  We all have dinner.  It happens every day?  Yep!


WHY is it that we can eat one meal and think of another?  My DH askes me how I can do that.  I'm geared to "Get it done"!  We eat daily.  Every day.  What's new there???


  I hope for grilled since I did gravy for so long.  


How do you plan?

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The ads for my favorite grocery store help me decide what I'll be making. Shop the sales.

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Either sales or the weekly schedule dictate.  Sale buy it, cook it.  Time to cook, no time to cook.

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We eat breakfast at different times and no real lunch because of that.  Unless I'm craving something, I rarely plan.  We do keep enough in the freezer and cabinets to prepare many things.  It's often either me or my SO saying what can we have for supper then what do we have - what do either of us want and then it's often takeout or pb & j sandwiches or cereal if we don't want to go out to get takeout.  Planning doesn't work for us.  I hate to eat something I planned ahead for if I'm not in the mood for it.    

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I admit that since I've gotten older I do seem to think of food much more!  Don't know what it is.  Supposedly we need or should eat much less as we age ---- I know I should eat less because I am no where nearly as active as I once was -- but I am always thinking about what I would like to eat!  I hate that.  It's more of a craving type thing. The more I try not to think about it, the more I do!  DH is worse than me.  We are sitting and eating lunch, for instance and he will say --- what's for dinner???  I'm like --- we haven't even finished lunch yet!  He wants all the meals planned -- in advance.  I'm not like that.  I am more spur of the moment on what the meals will be.  

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I keep in my head what I'd like to cook for supper.  DH has the same breakfast all the time.


I make his lunch every day; some of that is constant, with some variety, but I change up the sandwiches, so I always have stuff for those.  If I do say so (and he does, too), I make great sandwiches.


I also keep a running shopping list, and always have stuff on hand for a quick meal if necessary.  I love to cook and meal plan.


Now, what I eat is different, but it's pretty plain so it's easy to do.  Those who claim it is hard to cook for "just one"?  I disagree.  It's easier sometimes to make small batches and leftovers are never wasted.

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