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the shows called 'David at Home' begin ?

Anxious to see what that's about.

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QVC program guide shows Down Home with David airing Thursday night at 8pm.

My guess the show will have home decor items.  Maybe some cooking items too?

I'll tune in to see David.

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I think I saw an ad that said Thursday night.

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Word to the Wise:   keep all expectations low and in-check.  This will be no trip to Madison Avenue.

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Thanks # 2 and 3 poster.   I always come in after the promo LOL

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My crystal ball tells me it will all be stuffwe’ve seen before and David will sell a boatload of it. LOL

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I guarantee you will know all the colors and how many are left for each and every item!

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@sharkky wrote:

the shows called 'David at Home' begin ?


No. Wed night is In the Kitchen with David. David's home show is Thursday night.

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I predict David's new show with have a plethora of cleaning products with an emphasis on Scrub Daddy. 


I imagine David is getting bored to death of being "in the kitchen".  They can't seem to produce any new products so it's the same old thing show after show, as we well know.  Then the prepared food took the cooking demo aspect of the show away.  The vendors, like Eric, do what demos there are so there's nothing for poor David to do but endlessly recite colors.

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This is selfish of me, but I really hope this new show means QVC is taking him off Saturday Morning Q.  In that show he's paired with a host I cannot watch.  I really like David hosting, but Saturday Morning Q gets so little of my viewing time because I channel change a lot.  I get the timing wrong most of the time, so I usually give up and just look up items online later in the day.  Which actually isn't that bad, so just thinking out loud.