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Is QVC going to stop selling Keurigs?

With the promotion of the Tassimo brewing system this past week, and the lack of inventory of the Keurig on QVC, I am wondering if QVC might be phasing out its relationship with Keurig. Right now, the only machine in stock is the very smallest brewer.

I have a Keurig and recently purchased another one as a gift and have also owned several Tassimos. Unless there has been a VAST improvement of the Tassimo, I wouldn't bother with it. Mine was very finicky and undependable. One caught on fire, and the other would freak out every 6 months or so and need to be reset. And more than half the time, coffee grounds would end up in the coffee. Yuck. My bet is that QVC is getting a good deal on these Tassimos.

I hope that Keurigs are coming back. I comparison shop, and even with the shipping and tax, when the Keurig is a tsv, it is usually a good deal.