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Re: Instant Pot caller just a few moments ago

Thanks for this link. Meridith gives some great advice for converting ant recipe! 

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Re: Instant Pot caller just a few moments ago

@Justholdingon wrote:
I was really thinking about getting an instant pot, but many of the recipes they show seem to come out really runny and wet.  is that the the norm? i saw the chicken, rice, and bean recipe come out with a lot of water on the bottom and the vendor scooped out the top of the food onto lettuce. She also tried to show the chicken was frozen by tapping it on the side of the instant pot, but was tapping the tongs onto the pot and not the chicken! 
I wonder how many people they’ve fooled by doing this trick, plus by telling people the food is soooo good. i don’t want watery, soupy food. 

@Justholdingon, pressure cookers require a minimum amount of liquid just to come up to pressure.  And then many of the items you're cooking will also release juices, so it's not surprising that they come out a bit soupy.  But, I agree.  That was always one of my reasons for not buying one.  I like my meats on the dry side.  Juicy yes, but not swimming in liquid.  My other concern has to do with cooking meats an vegetables together.  When you do that in a slow cooker, everything comes out tasting kinda the same.  I'm afraid that would also be the case with a pressure cooker.  I have gotten the little CE 2 Qt modle and have cooked a few things, but between those issues and the fact I'm a very picky eater it has not gotten the use to impress me enough to suggest I need a larger model.