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I love watching In The Kitchen With David and look forard to seeing it every Sunday. However, today 6/10/2018, while watching the show I was very disappointed at the last presentation. It was for the outdoor electric grill and during the presentation I noticed that the spokeperson for the item was cross contaminatng the food as he was executing his cooking demonstration. He used the same tongs throughout the entire demonstration picking up and placing meats on all the different grills( he went from raw chicken to steak to hamburgers and hot dogs) without even changing utensils. He then used the same tongs to flip cooked hamburgers and hot dogs. This was very unnerving and unsanitary and I hope that none of that food was consumed by anyone on the set. You might want to make sure that the people demonstrating are following proper food ettiquete. 

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First welcome.   As long as you are not consuming the food, dont worry about it.  People have been doing that very thing for years and years.  The utensils he used also gets very hot, so its not as bad as the public wants you to think.  Dont buy into ALL the hype.  Plus, its a TV set and doesnt have room for multiple utensils and they have been doing this for a very long time.

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It may be a bit gross but that is how most normal people cook at home. We don't want to mess up 9 pairs of tongs or what not for one backyard cookout. I have never in my life made anyone sick.
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Yes I have noticed that practice too and find it very horrifying myself---and I am one of those people who ALWAYS makes sure the stuff I use for raw meats are washed before I use them to touch other cooked food. Same with what I put raw food and cooked food on---!! I have many pairs of cooking utencils and just because you haven't made anyone sick yet doesn't mean it wont happen. 

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I've had food poisoning and since then I am VERY careful about cross contamination

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Re: #ITKWD Sunday 6/10/2018

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These segments are for demonstrating purposes only. It is not a restaurant. The hosts know what they can eat and what they can't.