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Re: I've now been 6 months without an oven!

I stopped using my big oven mostly because it took 22 minutes to heat up to  temp. I got a Breville little oven which takes maybe 4 minutes to heat for the last 3 years. I can cook everything in that just in smaller sizes . i still use my burners on the stove,  and sometimes I do heat the big monster up if i can fill it with a whole meal, but not often. My stove is close to 20 years old too and never had any problems at all. Now I use that empty oven  space as storage. 

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Re: I've now been 6 months without an oven!

I agree with you, I don't want a lot of small appliances cluttering my limited counter space. But, I second @Kachina624 's comment. 

I bought the best Breville , and it's one of the best purchases I ever made. There is no comparison between the Breville & the Oster offered on QVC. I found the Oster to be a light weight, poor performing item. The Breville is gorgeous, well built, easy to clean and has exceed my expectations in performance.
I am way behind in remodeling my kitchen due to COVID-19 and have a new double wall oven sitting in the garage waiting. But, I can't imagine life without my Breville!

My advice is to giive yourself an advance on the stimulus check, get thee to BBB, and buy one! 

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Re: I've now been 6 months without an oven!



Where do we start .... I'm frustrated too!


In early 2019 bought new Maytag dryer - spouse insisted getting the 10 year motor mistake!!  Of course, he believes everything sales man tells him.


Fast forward in April stopped working problem local repair guy did come.  Motor belt and rotor are "burned" out -- referred me to "warranty" company- after 3 weeks they did come (My washer & dryer are in garage so they would come).


Part needs to be ordered - would take 6-7 weeks but I could make it work by manually starting the drum ... ok -- well, its now DECEMBER and still no parts in sight!!  

(My arm is getting a workout!)


At this point considering the warranty meant ONLY the part not the labor ($326.) I'll wait and buy a new dryer!!  I'm done with all appliances -- my kitchen ones are slowly fading I'm holding on til they die! (7 years old and white) -- although we bought new refrigerator from Samsung ice maker died in 13 months.


The trials and tribulations...oh and did I mention -- after 9 weeks my flooring finally arrived -- so there is light at the end of the tunnel.


This pandemic has given lots of cause for "excuses for delays" and frankly, stuff still coming from overseas - it sits in port for days/weeks until customs decides to "release it".


Hopefully, you get your parts soon ... I can only imagine not having a oven this long! 


Merry Christmas

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Re: I've now been 6 months without an oven!

I hope you find what you're looking for instead of spending a lot of money on an older appliance you're weary of.


My oven works but I haven't used it in a few years now. I microwave, toast and use a rice cooker for my small in-house meals or get take out. I don't miss the oven.

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Re: I've now been 6 months without an oven!

Well, that stinks, @mominohio. It does sound like you are doing pretty well though in spite of not having an oven. You are making lemonaide with the lemons, so to speak. Maybe you could make 'drop' cookies that you cook on stove? I know they aren't the same, but there are some pretty good recipes out there for those. 


My son had to wait over 6 months for a part for his truck- the blower fan or something like that, the a/c and heater wouldn't work with whatever it was that was out. I worried because it wasn't working when it started getting cooler here and I knew he would need defrost to get to work, but luckily they finally got the part in. The people at the place he got the truck worked on told him that they were having a tough time getting parts in.


I was wanting to buy said son an upright freezer and had to wait several months on that. One appliance store said there weren't any for sale in all of Arkansas or Oklahoma, that was back maybe in march. I think it was July or August when the one I ordrered came in for him. 


My dishwasher went out Thanksgiving and Thank God I was able to get one the day after, Lowes had plenty, dh had to put it in though because it was going to be at least 3 weeks until they could.


Hang in there, @mominohio until you can get what you want as far as those appliances go. Good luck to ya too. Hopefully soon someone will have exactly what you want. 

I hate settling for something big, because I'll have to live with it forever. 

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Re: I've now been 6 months without an oven!

I think Kitchenaid makes a bronzey-ish line of appliances, as well as a black stainless, that look nice.


I had a gas cooktop on order for 4 months before it finally arrived. The family-owned appliance store owner said that mine was the only one of that model that came in -- she places orders for many things but it's potluck as to what actually arrives.


Not only is the situation difficult for consumers, but it's hard on business owners, too, as we all struggle for parts and products due to COVID delays.

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Re: I've now been 6 months without an oven!

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I would not be that adverse to plan B--and that's the case with every project I've ever been involved in.


To me, it isn't worth the frustration of holding out.  I don't see it as settling for, I see it as moving forward.  Nothing is perfect, and what I really want is sometimes not available, so I'll go to plan B.  

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Re: I've now been 6 months without an oven!

Good Luck. Hope you can get it repaired.

I think I would invest in a nice countertop oven to use.

We bought one several years ago & use it all the time.

I wondered if when places run out of supplies how long it will take to get them. I think it could get bad.

My washing machine stopped working so I had to research them before buying one. 

Found one I liked but they could not get it until Jan-Feb. I thought I don't think so.

I told DH I would buy him a washboard & bucket so he could do his laundry. I told him no way was I going to a laundromat. Never been to one not starting now.

I finally picked one that was in stock at Lowe's in another town & had to wait a couple weeks for free delivery.

We want to remodel our kitchen but no way would I do that until we have everything we need to get it done first.

DH already replaced our back fence & was going to replace one side that started falling over during storm but we cannot get the wider fence boards only those thin cheap garbage we are not using.


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Re: I've now been 6 months without an oven!



I think the color that you are looking for is called Black Stainless Steel. Both my refrigerator (in 2017)  and my Microwave (early this year) have been replaced with this color and I love it. I was originally going to replace my Dishwasher and Stove as well,  but like you ran into a lot of problems. I have decided that since my dishwasher and Stove are still working I can wait out COVID. 


Side note my brother was pretty ticked earlier this month. He wanted a 15 cubic foot freezer for his garage. My SIL purchased from Lowes, and all was well. They were originally told it would be a three week lead time. The day before it was supposed to be delivered Lowes called him up and wanted to push out delivery until end of January. He cancelled the order and Luckily found another freezer for a lower price, he had to go directly to that store who had the stock and purchase it was the last one in that size.


I have also have friends that have ordered items and lead times are pushed out.


It's the supply chain. Nothing we can do, but bid our time, but I understand your frustration.


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Re: I've now been 6 months without an oven!

@mominohio Oh yes.  I had to replace a gas furnace which is not an unexpensive item, but I had no choice.  My furnace was replaced, but for some reason the gas pilot lights went out on my wonderful, 30 year old stove which cooks like no other.  I love it no bells or whistles and, by the way it is coppertone, just what you are looking for...ha ha.  Well the installer insured me that he did not turn off the gas and we tried to relight the stove top pilots and he left. I finally after the tech left managed to get the range top running and pilot lights lit.  But I did not realize until the next day that the oven would not turn on.  After about 5 days of calling the company I got through and they agreed to send a tech out  In the meantime I tried calling appliance repair companies, but it seems no one even wants to come out for a broken oven and most asked me for a model number which I could not find and then said they don't service my kind of stove anymore. After 5 days of calling and waiting for the furnace company to call me back I got thru the service call center.  This company where I bought the old furnace used to be reputable and I think they still are although they seem to have become more corporate and have too many different departments.  My son actually went to school with the owner.  Finally someone came yesterday and tried to get the stove to turn on to no avail after he had taken apart the oven burner cleaned it ad put it back.   I had been without an oven for about a week.  Just add a new stove to the cost of the new furnace and I was anxious to say the least.  The tech said he would report back to the company and tell them I want a new stove, Ha!  About an hour after the tech left I tried again to get the oven working and lo and behold it started up.  I think it just had to take time with the oven on to get it to light.  Don't know how much longer it will last but it gives me time to get the COVID vaccine as I am 77years old and to use the internet to investigate new stoves. I do not want to go into stores now since I have been so good avoiding trips outside of my house except for groceries.  I did go to my small market this morning to get a few things.  The place was pretty empty.  As I pulled into my driveway a light I had never seen before lit up on my car dash.  Oh, no!  What now  I googled it and it seems to be a alert that the car is alarmed in case of break in.  i never say this alarm light before.  oh well I will think about that tomorrow.