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I’ll never buy lock n lock again

I’ve been buying l/l for many years. As a matter of fact I’ve been waiting over 7 months for 2 replacement pieces. I had a container crack today spoke to their customer service. I was asked to send proof of put( no problem with that) has to be from QVC a d now they will not replace any pieces unless they deem it to be a manufacturer defect. So much for their lifetime warranty Qvc needs to now put a disclaimer on all of these products. Very deceitful that we customers weren’t advised of the new policy
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Re: I’ll never buy lock n lock again

As tales roll in from customers who've had contact with L 'n L CS, I become less and less impressed with this company.  They're shooting themselves in the foot as good CS is essential in such a business.  There are other brands.

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Re: I’ll never buy lock n lock again

What a shame.

My pieces from 10+ years are going strong.  My new pieces are awful, the lids are cracking.  Lids do not fit well, etc.


I had to move on to other lines........

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Re: I’ll never buy lock n lock again



I have slowly donated all my plastic LNL to friends (some were new).  The way the sets come much to many for me.


Now, I have started rebuilding my storage collection with glass pieces.

I ordered a few LNL glass bowls and the vent style.  I can't get the lids to snap...grrrrrr


I replaced my old pantry containers with OXO storage containers.  


Maybe, LNL @Kachina624 are getting like all other brands who start out great and slowly quality goes downhill...Smiley Sad (Temptations for example)

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Re: I’ll never buy lock n lock again

My sister had a bunch of this stuff and I was not impressed. For years I've used Rubbermaid and ZipLock containers and they work great and wear like iron.

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Re: I’ll never buy lock n lock again

I've read here over the years about the lack of response and replacement from LocknLock. They seem known for it. 


I personally love the product line, and am totally in love the with glass versions as well. I have redone all my food storage with LocknLock. 


I've only had a few pieces break, and every one was because I dropped them on a concrete floor while getting them out of the freezer in the garage. 


Some sets are made differently and much better than others, and if you are familiar with the brand, you can tell right away which are better, as they have a different kind of locking system that is much more sturdy. I've never lost a locking tab to use.


I usually wait and buy on sale and/or with free shipping and I find them to be an excellent deal. I would much prefer to buy Snapware, as it is made in the USA, but I've tried several sets, they are horrible, hard to lock and the tabs bust from so much forcing.


I get the LocknLock at such a good price, I don't worry about the few losses I have suffered over they years, and once you learn to watch the types of tabs, and stick to the sets with the better locking system, you don't suffer as much damage loss, because they are much better made. I wouldn't even bother to warranty the pieces I've lost, as it is too much of a hassle. But I agree, if the rules have changed on the warranty, it needs to be addressed.

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Re: I’ll never buy lock n lock again

Reality check. It is just a plastic bowl and lid. Do we really need a lifetime guarantee? A little perspective seems to be needed. Just buy another. The VAST number of lock and lock pieces are perfect...for many, many years. If we were talking about a medical device that a surgeon has implanted in ones body, then, yes, I would understand about the necessity of needing a lifetime guarantee. A plastic bowl lid is not worth getting all in a huff over. Almost sounds like a SNL skit.

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Re: I’ll never buy lock n lock again

I've been using and collecting LnL for over a decade.  I have many more glass sets than plastic sets.  Only one issue in those 10 years, and that was a lid that broke on a glass container.  Two assurances of a replacement from the LnL customer service rep still left the issue unresolved, no lid was ever delivered.


But here's my perspective.  The LnL pieces I treasure the most are by far still better or on par with what I can get in the stores, yet I get a better deal on QVC because I wait for OTO, TSV, or Clearance prices.


The retail brands do not offer lifetime warranties on their containers.  So if LnL has stopped their lifetime warranty -- so be it.  I'm still getting great LnL sets that 99% of the time, perform and last beautifully. 


If I bought a 6-pc set for $19.99 seven years ago  -- do I really quibble about the lack of a replacement five years later?  Time for a new set.

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Re: I’ll never buy lock n lock again

Wow why so snarky . I was complaning about the very poor customer service. So you think waiting over 7 months for a replacement piece is acceptable. I own my company and if i make a promise to my customers i absolutely keep them.

So obviously you have a need to attack me loll    get a life 

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Re: I’ll never buy lock n lock again

I've only been using lock and lock for a few years but the quality has been great so far. Some haven't handle the dishwasher like I hoped but still usable.
There's been a lot of supply issues lately so it might be that but I'd be frustrated too