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Re: I could never be a host on the Q because

You certainly have to be a specific personality to sell on live TV. Most are putting their job as Priority #1 in their lives, which must be very difficult on their families and homelives. Playing the games associated with the job would be even more difficult than talking endlessly about inane objects. I would find it the most boring job ever. Cannot think of any redeeming reasons to apply.  

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Re: I could never be a host on the Q because

I think hosting would be a very difficult job, with pressure coming from every direction. From the top, to competition with coworkers and managing vendors, trickling all the way down the chain to satisfying the viewer. Prepare, perform, entertain and sell, or you're toast. 


Furthermore, I couldn't talk nonstop for two hours, or more, even if it was a favorite topic of mine. How exhausting.


It's not an enviable career. This is why I rarely will criticise a host. All will have some poor performance days, just like the rest of us. 

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Re: I could never be a host on the Q because

I confess to being an occasional chatty patty while speaking with friends, so talking for several hours would not pose a problem for me; particularly if I am trained to do so as part of my livelihood😁.


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Re: I could never be a host on the Q because

I would be sleep deprived from the schedule.I'd also have sife effects from antipsychotics I would need from the producer being in my ear while forming thoughts and interactibg with a vendor.

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Re: I could never be a host on the Q because

@Foxxee wrote:

For a home shopping network, hosts are critical; however, other retailers are successful without them.  So, how necessary are they in the overall retail scheme of things?  


Coming from that perspective, no I wouldn't want to be a host.  I don't think sales are that important other than taking care of the transaction in a store.  I'd rather sales people stay as far away from me as possible.  If a sales person followed me around a store, I walked out.  


I wouldn't want to use sales tactics to get people to buy.  I think it's underhanded, but since they work, I understand why they are used.  I just don't want to be one using them.   


Lastly, I'm not one who seeks public favor or subjects myself to constant criticism.  



I kind of see it different. I remember the day when we had retail establishments where people knew their products, could answer questions, offer choices based on consumer needs, could demonstrate etc. 


That is what I love about QVC and the on air presentations. It's almost as good as seeing it in person. I get to see how it works, the size, get ideas of uses, and I can often tell the quality right from the presentations and how the item functions. 


Today's retail is closed boxes of things on shelves, no help, and what help is there knows nothing about the products. Internet shopping in general is even worse. Reviews you don't know if they are real or not, and a couple of tiny pictures and limited description. 


I was in retail for years, and I never felt the need to pressure sell. I found being available, answering questions, and creating a positive and inviting shopping environment got me the sales I needed to keep my position. I'm sure that isn't the case for the hosts though. They are tracked on everything. I'm sure their job is much harder than most here would think.

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Re: I could never be a host on the Q because

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I don't think I could be a host on QVC because I could not eat food I didn't like and then grin in the camera and roll my eyes while I moan and happy dance around like a fool while I crow about how wonderful it is.  Is it possible for a person to love absolutely everything that goes in their mouth?  Especially in light of some of the scathing reviews I've seen on some of QVC's food products.  I'm not saying I'm better than the hosts, but if something goes in my mouth that doesn't taste or feel right, my natural instinct is to get it out right away.  It's something over which I do not have control.  I would be fired from QVC on my first day.

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Re: I could never be a host on the Q because

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@LindaSal wrote:

I could never do it because I laugh too much.........I would crack up during a presentation of some item so stupid and utterly useless, then I would most likely be let go, LOL!

Just like Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs.  He was hysterical. You can find some of his old presentations on Youtube.


On one of his first shows, he held up an item and said he didn't know what it was. He invited viewers to call in and explain.  He said they didn't train hosts back then.


When  I need a good laugh, I look him up.  He mastered talking for a long time about nothing.  Here are some pictures of him selling a Katsac... a plastic bag that made noise when a cat played or crawled into it...expensive too.



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Re: I could never be a host on the Q because


Just say that about a hundred times, and you'll be great as a TV selling host!

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Re: I could never be a host on the Q because

I could never yammer on about a product I loved let alone one that doesn't interest me.  Even worse would be having to take those awful phone calls...

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Re: I could never be a host on the Q because

I have no desire to go blonde. 👩.   Must be a new requirement when you're hired. 🤣