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I Dropped the Lasagna!

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A friend had shoulder surgery recently.  I told her I'd make her a lasagna and sides, just let me know when.  She took me up on it yesterday and we agreed I'd make it today.  I had most of the ingredients on hand but stopped while we were out today for the rest.  I came home, got it all assembled and in the oven.  Just as we were preparing to leave and getting everything together, I was carrying the pan to a box on my kitchen table and the foil pan buckled.  I had lasagna all over my kitchen floor.  😢🤦‍♀️. I immediately notified my friend and told her we'd go out tonight for new ingredients. including a metal pan, and try again tomorrow.  She said God must have known because some people from her church stopped by with dinner for tonight.  😊



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That had to be a nightmare. My fear is dropping a casserole as I bring it out of the oven.

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@JeanLouiseFinch oh what a mess and after all that prep and work! I hope you didnt burn yourself.


I had a similar accident once with the foil pans.


From then on, i put a sheet pan in the oven while pre heating and then after assembling my food in the foil pan, i place it on the pre heated sheet pan in the oven ( preheated so that it wont affect the cooking time incase it would if cold, just guessing about that).


I then remove the foil pan using the sheet pan under it. I fear getting burned again.

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@JeanLouiseFinch : When I use the foil pan - I always use two pans to prevent it from buckling . I learned this when I had an accident like you . 

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@JeanLouiseFinch I am SO SORRY to hear what happened.


Every time, and I mean EVERY time I take a pan of lasagna out of the oven, The thought of dropping it, occurs to me.


With all the weight of the ingredients It can easily happen, as you found out. You figure with at least over a pound of meat, over 3 pounds of cheese and two pounds of tomato sauce and a pound of noodles. It is one heavy dish.


I am so sorry it happened to you.


Last time I made lasagna,  the sausage didn't seem right. I threw the entire pan away. Haven't made lasagna since. It was painful. You have more fortitude than me. To make it again for your friend. What a friend you are.

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Happened to me many years ago as a newlywed.  I made a blackberry pie and did it in a disposable foil pan .  When I went to take it out of the oven, the pan bent and down went all the berry pie.  All over the inside of the oven and on the door and floor.  What a mess to clean up- especially since this was in the days of no self cleaning ovens.  The door of the oven in my apartment didn't come off, so I had to practically climb inside to get off all the burnt, stuck on pie filling that virtually carmelized when it hit the hot oven bottom, door and racks. Not to mention the stains on the old fashioned linoleum tile floor. Needless to say, I never made that mistake again.

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@JeanLouiseFinch  I can just imagine how you felt, especially because you were taking it to a friend in need. Thank goodness for those church ladies! And, lasagna is not a snap to make! I worry every time i bring a casserole out of the oven too. 


I had a similar but not quite as disastrous experience. It involved Thanksgiving, my homemade cheesecake and a snowy driveway. UGH!

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So sorry that happened! You are a good friend to take the time to make lasagna for your friend. My advice for next time: Stouffers! I always by the family-sized one so there are some leftovers. Stouffers tastes almost as good as my own, I add more cheese on top right before it's done, and I always bake it on a heavy sheet pan that I have kept just for that purpose. No worries about a foil pan buckling.

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Re: I Dropped the Lasagna!

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When my child was in 9th grade, my parents came over for Thanksgiving. My child was listening to music in the bedroom, and my parents had fallen asleep.


I opened the oven door; the huge turkey in the roasting pan looked heavy & awkward. I called out, "Could someone please help me get the turkey out of the oven?" I waited a minute, but no one came to help.


I took it out and it was so big it was hard to keep it balanced.

It fell all over the kitchen floor.

Everyone heard me then.


I threw the whole thing out and went and got McDonald's for us.

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@SouthernBee wrote:

@JeanLouiseFinch : When I use the foil pan - I always use two pans to prevent it from buckling . I learned this when I had an accident like you . 



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