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Re: How Much Is Your Cooking Like What You Ate As A Child?

There's little resemblance to what I ate as a child. My mom was a functional cook, nothing fancy and no great variety.  Most vegetables we ate came from a can.... blech!  She was Italian-American and pasta was a staple in our house, at least twice a week.


I married into a family from KY and WV.  I adored my MIL's cooking. I learned so much from her and I probably cook more like a southerner now, than an Italian.

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Re: How Much Is Your Cooking Like What You Ate As A Child?

No resemblance whatsoever.  I grew up in a tiny apartment with my mother and grandparents.  My grandfather was very strict and dinner had to be on the tabel at 6:00 p.m.  The meal always started with soup, then salad, then a full meal of some kind meat, potatoes, etc.  When there was no money we ate eggs or cereal.  As I got a little older around 12 or 13 I was a latch key child and had to make my own meals.  I would call my grandmother and she would walk me through how to cook what was in the refrigerator. Present day - I work long hard days, have no one to cook for and don't eat any meat.  Most of my meals are take-out or order in and if I have time to cook at home it is very simple - a piece of fish, a salad, nothing too complicated.  I only cook large old fashioned food when I have company - and they love it!  I'd be 200+ pounds if I ate like that now Woman LOL