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Re: How Does Your Cooking Differ From What You Grew Up With?

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My parents bought halves of beef for the freezer.  I rarely eat beef now, preferring chicken.  My mom never fried anything and I too, am not a lover of fried food.  She did cook seafood which I dislike...sister and I used to slip oysters to the cat.



Gaaaaah - - - Never could stand oyster, either. We never had them around, but a good friend's family always had smoked oysters as appetizers, amongst others, at parties.  I was "forced," yes forced, to eat one at a party by my friend's dad.  OMG - this was the worst thing ever in my mouth.  If I was 14 today and he forced me again, I would leave the party and never go back.  His stipulation was eat it or no longer be friends with his daughter.  This to me at 14 was "forced" to do it.  Yuck! Lucky cat at your end.



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Re: How Does Your Cooking Differ From What You Grew Up With?

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My mother was a better baker than cook.  Her regular meals during the week were just plain regular and nothing to remember.  BUT, I do remember the Sunday meals or special holiday meals, her pot roast was wonderful; chicken, turkey and ham great.  My mothers bread, pies and cakes were just wonderful.  The way she prepared meals is not like I prepare meals, she boiled most veges. I steam or roast my veges and use more variety than mom used, although many of the veges we have available now were not available when I was growing up unless you grew them in garden.  We have more fruit varieties today than when I was a kid. My dad kept a garden and we had corn, peas, tomatos, cucumber, pole beans, pumpkin, watermelon, squash, kale, lettuce, carrots, onions, garlic, radish; we had peach and apple trees from which mom baked goods and canned peaches and tomatos. We kept chickens, had fresh eggs and chicken. Summer veges were good, winter veges were not so good; mom liked to cook cabbage with potatoes together, she loved kale which I hated and the smells were unpleasent to me. I will eat all cabbage raw for salads or cooked only in soup or stew.  I also bake lots of specialty breads, sourdoughs and experiment with many different grains and love to bake pies, do not like cake too much so I am limited cake baking; do not like to bake cookies!