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Re: Hot dogs almost $16 per pound

But they are sooooooooooo cute the way they shaped them like a flower! 

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Re: Hot dogs almost $16 per pound



i have no desire to dictate what others spend for things



why in the world would it matter to me?

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Re: Hot dogs almost $16 per pound

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@Love my grandkids wrote:

@Venezia You need to look up the correct definition of gouging. It's selling something that is hard to find at an outrageous price.


Hot dogs can be purchased ANYWHERE!

@Love my grandkids - You need to reread my post.  Nowhere did I use the word "gouging".


I gave my opinion about this item.  That's all.  Just as you've given yours.


Perhaps your comment was meant for another poster?


BTW, I already know the definition of "gouging".  No dictionary needed, thank you.


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Re: Hot dogs almost $16 per pound

@Reever IT AIN'T PRICE GOUGING!!!  Yep, I'm yelling.


Any vendor can sell any product at any price they choose. You have the option to buy or not.

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Re: Hot dogs almost $16 per pound

These threads are tiresome.
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Re: Hot dogs almost $16 per pound

@Reever wrote:

Shame on QVC and RayRastelli for price gouging. He is selling a gimmick (round hot dogs) for $83.50 for 5.25 pounds. I shake my head at anyone who would purchase this item. A 12 pack of angus hot dogs can be purchased for around $5 at Walmart.

@Reever    I agree.  I just bought 2 packs of the brand name angus hot dogs at my local grocery store for $8.00...on sale for the holiday.   I can't justify paying the Q price for a round hot dog.  For those that can....enjoy.  

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Re: Hot dogs almost $16 per pound

But not round ones! 

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Re: Hot dogs almost $16 per pound

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I rarely eat hot dogs but when I make them at home, after cooking I slice length wise and then in half.  I arrange on a hamburger bun then add toppings.  Easier to eat and the toppings stay in place.


I like the round shape and if they were sold in small packages I would buy.  I don't wonder or think about what or why people buy what they do.  Figure it's because they like it and want it.  Not my business.

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Re: Hot dogs almost $16 per pound

@Venezia wrote:

In this instance, I agree with you.  That's the sale price and it comes out to $3.50 a "dog"?  The regular price is $101.  WTH?


I know it's up to each person to spend his/her money as that person sees fit, but come on.


If I want a hot dog, I want a hot dog.  Not something shaped like a burger, so that I can have it on a round bun.  If I want that, I'll have a burger!


I'll stick with my favorite Oscar Mayer, Angus beef.  I get a pack of 24 at BJs for something like $11.50.  But I buy them when I have a coupon and save another $2.50 or more.

If all I have are round buns, after it's cooked, I just split the hot dog down the middle the long way, place the flat halves on the bottom bun and top with other half of the bun and I have a hot dog on a round bun. :smileyhappy:

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Re: Hot dogs almost $16 per pound

Hate to say this, but in the Denver metro area many times I've had to go to more than 1 store to find Hebrew National or Oscar Meyer hot dogs. It's a problem. I'll do without before paying the Q for something that over priced.