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Mine were full, and I do mean full of seeds.  I would say 20 - 30 per honeybell.   Tastes fine but not as sweet as last year.  And I did wait a few days for some because could not eat all same day.  You never know what you get.   Wish there was a way before they sold so many.  Random testing may be a way but never a for sure thing.   I just squeeze them and enjoy the juice.

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Mine are sweet and mild.  I got a 15 lb. box and have eaten several so far and they have been wonderful.  A few have seeds, but others are completely seedless. 

In past years, I have gotten shipments that have been a bit on the tart side as well.  This is natural fruit after all, and they are affected by various growing conditions, etc.  Even when I buy regular oranges in the grocery store, each batch is different.


I think it's a good idea to use them in smoothies. They are still a healthy alternative, regardless. 🙂

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I only purchased them once.  I went directly to to the grower (in Florida)  Forgotten the name, LOL.  Any it was OK.  I got 10 of them.  Neither my husband or my son liked them, so I ended up giving some to my neighbors or eating them.  Some were wonderful, some not so great.  Each honey bell tasted different.  Very strange.

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I just received mine this afternoon and posted seperately how disappointed I was in them.  They had a note in the box that they had subsituted the California ones and those are sour.  I ordered some California ones last year after I enjoyed the Florida ones and discovered how much I don't like the California ones.  It is very disappointing.  I'll just juice mine to get the nutrients down me.  I tried one and it is so tart....ick!   Fortunately I had ordered and received some earlier this month from Hales and they were Florida ones that were delicious, so I got a few good ones this year. 

Maybe your friend can just juice them for the Vitamin C which is a good help for Covid-19 healing.  


I'll buy from other growers next year, not QVC. 

Janet in Georgia