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Am I the only one that was very, very disappointed in Honeybells? I am not one of those people that calls for a refund on food (knowing you don't actually return it)...EVER. But I actually did about the Honeybells last year. They were so juicy that they created the biggest mess, and they were NOT sweet. They were more juice than anything. Once you got in there, the flesh was minimal.

I also don't think that the on-air presentation of the old dude squeezing them all over the place is very appealing! You can see the juice all over his sweater and all I can think of is "what a big, sticky mess!" He said that they only do that for "effect" so you can see how juicy they are...but it's no joke...what he is doing on purpose is what happens whenever you open one of these.

I know I'm in the minority as these seem very popular...but they just didn't do it for me.

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I received my shipment of Honeybelles a couple of hours ago.  My sister and I planned on splitting the box.  I kept the top section and gave her the bottom section.  I was SO looking forward to tasting them but when I did I was extremly disappointment.  The fruit was mushy, not soft, actually mushy.  I'm not one to complain about a product I order from QVC but that has changed.  I went on the chat line and complained about the product and was given a  full refund.  Not sure what we'll do with the fruit????  Maybe set it outside for the birds!!!



Has anybody else noticed that the products QVC is selling now are not the quality they used to be?  As an example:  The cheap packaging of the IT cosmetic TSV, my mom wasn't able to open and close the box because it was made so cheap.  The Christmas items from Valerie are no longer the quality we expect from her.  The Dominique jewelry used to look authentic - that's not true now.  


I wish QVC would put the "value" back in the products they offer.



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I ordered honeybells years ago when I first saw them on QVC.  I didn't like them either.  I thought they were way too juicy and messy.  I was very disappointed.

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I also had ordered Honeybells in the past.


The first shipment of my QVC first order was fabulous looking, sweet, so very tasty, and exactly what I expected from a Honeybell, and I shared them with My beloved Mom, Husband, and Neighbor.


The next year my neighbor ordered and called us to come over and share with her, since I had  also shared my first order with her.


We were all so disappointed!!!


Not at all like my first QVC Honeybell order, and also not at all like what the various QVC hosts promised on live television, which was the Honeybells you will receive will be very sweet, succulent, delicious, and very juicy, so dress accordingly and enjoy. We certainly did not get all of that at all, except juice squirting everywhere, also just as tasteless as the Honeybells.


My neighbor's order of Honeybells were really bruised and blemished heavily, and the taste was no taste actually, and as for the juice yes it was there, but very dissatisfying. To become a mess and not enjoy the product is very upsetting to say the least.


Perhaps they had a bad year, but others also ordered thru many years, and many also complained quite a few times that they were not as promised, expensive and tasteless, so we have since purchased locally many Tangelos, which are very succulent and sweet, juicy and very satisfying. (Worth the $ for sure!).


(At least these Tangelos are exactly what one expects a delicious sweet juicy fruit to taste like, and no matter how many times I buy them locally each batch is always sweet, delicious, and juicy).


BTW for anyone who may not know what a Tangelo is, it is a hybrid citrus fruit, made by crossing a   grapefruit or pomello. The farmers grow these and offer them for sale to many markets and supermarkets.  Tangelos are much cheaper  than Honeybells, and every bit as sweet, tasty, juicy and satisfying as my first and only QVC shipment of Honeybells I had purchased many years ago.



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I always order Honeybells. But NEVER from Cushmans. I order from a local orchard I found when I was in Florida last. Its just a mom and pop place but I always get the most freshest Honeybells imaginable! I placed my order this year and they are coming the 3rd week in January. I can't wait!

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A Honeybell is a Tangelo - also called a Minneola in some areas.  I bought a handful of them yesterday at the local grocery for 99 cents each.  I had one when I got home, it was super juicy and flavorful.  QVC advertises their Honeybells with free shipping.  Actually the lion's share of the price is shipping when you think about it.  The fruit itself isn't that costly.  Save your money and shop locally.

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I was going to order some for my dad but after reading the reviews on the forums I decided not to. I ordered some from a fruit orchard in Fl I have ordered from before to ship to him.