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@Sooner agree. Garrett's in Chicago is hands down the best popcorn on earth. Lol.

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Another vote for Garrett's/Chicago~

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Re: Holiday Popcorn In Tins

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I don't mind most of the tins widely available at grocery and big box stores—you always know what to expect and they're just fine—but we really enjoy the Popcornopolis brand. Different stores (online as well as brick and mortar) have different options, including lots of flavors, assortments, and package varieties from small to large so you can meet most needs. I think their caramel popcorn and zebra corn are especially tasty.


FWIW, we've ordered twice from Popcorn Factory, and although we did enjoy what we got, we felt we could've just purchased the grocery store tins and had the same quality for a LOT less money. Not impressed.