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Re: Hello Bakers...question on freezing cookie dough?....

Well, you guys are all great for all the helpful resonses~Thank you!


As for the one who went through all the types of dough suggestions...thanks so much for being so specific. These happen to be the type you scoop out with a small ice-cream scoop, then roll in powdered sugar.


I think I may either just freeze the dough whole like many who told me how best to do that. Or the pre-making the balls sounds great too....I keep forgetting that's a great way to freeze these type things.  Since these are rolled in powdered sugar, I guess I'd just thaw them to room temp, roll in the powdered sugar then and bake.


To the one who said about it stays in the fridge several days...I thought of that too...I'm keeping it in there one or two more days to see if I'll make more...but most likely will be making them again later on.


Thanks again everyone~I'm glad there are so many experience bakers who post here...I can always learn from y'all. Smiley Happy