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Has anyone mastered the Zakarian Air Fry Oven?

I am still trying to fgure out the temp setting. If I put an oven thermometer in with the temp setting at 350 the thermometer goes to 475. But if I set the temp 125 degrees less than 350 (225) the thermometer shows 275 not 350 degrees. I know I am being stubborn. I should send back but I like the looks of it and I did rotisserie a chickent that came out great after adjusting the temp several times.  I am afraid of trying to air fry not knowing if the air fry temp is right. Advice?

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Re: Has anyone mastered the Zakarian Air Fry Oven?

@UKgram. It's obvious your oven is not calibrated correctly.

Why don't you exchange it since it is defective, and try another? 

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