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Re: Groceries order and pick up?

Well all of those things have crossed my mind. I would only order dry ingredients to pick up.

I would go in to pick my own fruits, veggies, meats plus other refrigerated or frozen items.

If they give me any old items they would get them back.

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Re: Groceries order and pick up?

I have done this with Kroger once and Walmart several times.  At Kroger they substituted regular cottage cheese for the lowfat cottage cheese I ordered.  They substituted something else, too, but I forget what it was.  They told me about this when they brought it to my car and asked me if it was all right.


At Walmart they picked a cottage cheese that was going to expire in a day or two.  Since this was a large carton it was unacceptable to me.  I called them about it when I got home and they credited my account.  There is no way to make notes at Walmart to check for expiration dates.  I don't think you can do that at Kroger either.


I did not order meat or produce from either place, because I wouldn't trust someone else to pick that out for me.  Overall I was satisfied but usually don't mind doing the shopping myself.

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Re: Groceries order and pick up?

I  order from in my area very good service. Yes you can leave a note to Watch Exp. dates on Pershibles and also if you want to substitute and item and in case a wrong item  delivered or price difference they will credit your acct. right away the Delivery person I leave a note to call me like if I really need an item and if out o.k to sublstitue for me it is Paper towels and cat litter.I must have about  every delivery so I do a lot of clean up for my 2 elderly cats, and   I get a choice of  2 grocery stores to choose delivery one is a local store and other is Target which I like best I like their paper towels and cat litter not too expensive lasts a while longer 

You should try Shipt if  it is in your area.

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Re: Groceries order and pick up?

I thought about shipt but found this service a bit off-putting because I read that they markup the prices of groceries.


i would like to try home delivery sometime though, maybe a different service.