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Not sure what the heat factor was or if they just got busy and forgot about them, but the grilled sandwiches today on ITKWD burning black gave me a much needed laugh.

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Me too! And they sure got them out of the shot quickly! Get rid of the evidence lol Woman Wink


I think the burner must have been on high because it was still glowing red when he was running to put the pan on the other counter, out of sight.

Burned cheese sandwich qvc.jpg 

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Oh, that's funny - sorry I missed it.

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That looks like something I'd do.  Maybe someone forgot to butter the bread or melt butter in the pan.

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He did have a lot going on during that presentation. I must say, they almost had me on those pans until I noticed none of the pans they had going seemed to have even cooking. The steaks that were searing, the one in the center was great the other two not browned. The carrots simmering on the induction burner were only simmering in the center of the plan.

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I must have missed that. I've been looking for a new everyday pan, They have a Greenpan at a good price. Reviews are mixed on them. Anybody like them? I bought a hard anodized at a great price. Time to throw out some old cookware.

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I recently purchased 


from here at the Q.   The prices here WITH shipping were the same as Amz and Wally.

I purchased on free shipping day so got an even better deal.


I LOVE THEM so much, I have now purchased additional pans.


Non-stick, even cooking, nice HIGH sides and they look beautiful.


Also work on my induction burner.



Not sure how they compare to Greenpan....but I am thrilled with them.

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That makes me feel less like a dork!!! LOL!

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