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I watched the presentation and he pulled the entire tail out. He then cut the tail and Dan started eating them. They appeared to be deveined but no one mentioned this and I wonder if anyone knows. Thanks.Smile

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well, thanks anyway. I will let you know when I receive them. AnnamarieSmile

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Did they steam, boil or broil the lobster tails, I got. them today, any information?


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I hope you get a chance try them. I ordered them om Dec. 9th and 5 days later checked my ordered and it said back ordered. I called and was given a long story. On Dec,18th the same lobsters were on the main page. I called to order them and the represenative said ,yrwe have them no prblem you will get them definately for Christmas. Now 2 days later they are on back order again. I called and got no where with the repesentative, asked if I could speak to someone in charge of customer service or someone who manages the food orders and was told they were in a meeting and would call me. That hasn't happened. I have 7 dinner guest who will be very disappointed as am I.


If things are on back order they should make it clear at time of ordering.

I hope you have better luck than me and get your lobsters.