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In need of a new stove, have a Kenmore, 6 years old, repaired once, don't think it's worth putting anymore money into. Could use some suggestions.


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I got a Samsung for Christmas and am very happy with it. It replaced the 45+ year old Kenmore wall oven and stovetop. I was o happy to get rid of that.

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One of our friends has a dual oven. Works for the two of them; instead of heating up a large oven. Also consider a convention oven. Wish I had one.

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We bought a Frigidare about 2 years ago. I liked it because it seemed to be an easy stovetop to clean. The parts are easy and I stick most of the components in the dishwasher. I am pleased with everything about it.

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Viking, if you are a cook, if not, something much less expensive from the local Lowe's or Home Depot. If you cook, Viking or Wolf.

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Wolf if you can afford one! Used to have a Kitchenaid that I loved and then when we remodeled the kitchen last year decided to splurge. Can't believe the difference, it is just wonderful. Passed my Kitchenaid on to BIL and he loves it even though it was 8 years old. Good luck!

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I am saving up my pennies for a BlueStar. In red.

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La Cornue Chateau Series. I have wanted one for years and years and I finally got one when I moved into my new house. I got it in copper. I just absolutely love it. They aren't cheap but they are great. It is a 6 burner and has a grill/flattop. I cook A LOT, it is not for someone who just occasionally or rarely cooks. I did get a great deal on mine through a friend who works for one of their retailers. I got her discount.

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