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It is so cold here I thought I would defrost the big freezer. It is in the basement and the garage is sooo cold so I took stuff out of the freezer and put it in the garage. The room the freezer is in is the furnace room so it is very warm. It is still a pain and hopefully I can soon put things back in.

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Yes it is one awful job!! My husband finally got to it last summer...when it was so frost filled the door would not shut.....after about five years.... Of me nagging at him to do it. Next time I am going frost free!
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Yes that is a pain to do when it's so cold. Our big freezer is in our garage. We always make sure it gets defrosted before it gets cold. We have a huge ice chest & a smaller one we put a lot of the stuff in. The freezer in the house has mostly ice & frozen fruit in it for smoothies so I pack it full off stuff when we defrost. A frost free freezer would be nice but before we bought this freezer I did a little research & these freezers you have to defrost yourself work better at keeping foods frozen without the defrost cycle going on & off. I always have to wear gloves when I'm removing & putting the food back in the freezer since it's so cold to hold onto the food while trying to move to the ice chests. DH defrosts the freezer & I always put the food in the ice chests & back in the freezer. I keep the food rotated so the fresher foods are in the back. I also like to organize it by the different foods so I can find what I'm looking for. DH has no idea when I bought what & he would just throw it all back in the freezer. We generally defrost spring & fall before it gets cold. DH uses a blow dryer to speed things up.

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I have an older chest freezer (Kenmore) - 35 yrs. old which must be defrosted.

It's in the basement, so I just take everything out and put in baskets.

The freezer has a button which you push to warm the freezer walls and the ice just falls off in chunks and I just take them to the laundry tub to melt.

It doesn't take long at all - the worst part is just removing the food and putting it back in.

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The truth is we really do not need that big freezer. We have a small chest type in the family room and 2 fridges w/ big freezers. I think I have almost convinced DH to turn it off.

The downfall of any magician is belief in their own magic.
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My system is simple - have a 6 foot freezer in the heated basement - -

I store my food in boxes (closing flaps cut off - just a 4 sided box with bottom) and - they slide in and out like your bedroom dresser drawers.

I put frozen chicken in one box - one for beef - pork - breads.............

When it's time to defrost - simply pull the boxes off the shelves, stack them on the floor and they will remain frozen...

When defrosting is finished - simply slide the boxes back onto the freezer shelves! No more frozen fingers!

I defrost this freezer in an hour - did it this summer - use 2 hairdryers and when the ice chunks fall - throw them in a pail and dump in laundry tub.

It's soooooooooo easy to defrost!

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I need to do that too but will wait until I can take it outside and let it defrost on the driveway this spring/summer.