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Re: Food Network show The Kitchen



I am not the one with the strong reaction, your comment was way over the top, I am allowed to have the feelings I want


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I watch the show almost every weekend, I like the hosts but hate Sunny Anderson, she acts like she has never eaten before and always has to be the first when samples are given out


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And for those things, you hate Sunny  Anderson??!!!  Such a strong reaction!  I hate pedophiles, rapists, people who are cruel, abusive, and neglectful to animals and children, prejudice and terrorists for starters.


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Re: Food Network show The Kitchen

I like the show from time to time, but can't tolerate any of the hosts for long. Sunny gets loud, Katie whines, Jeff is silly, and GZ too "stuffy". I am so glad Marcela is no longer in the group.
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Re: Food Network show The Kitchen

This is my favorite show on Food Network. Sunny and Jeff are entertaining, especially Jeff, he always cracks me up with the way he acts like a little boy clowning around, maybe he annoys some, but not me, I find him hilarious. Sunny would be fun to hang out with for sure as would Katie. They all have good personalities for hosting and not to mention they give great kitchen tips.Just a really fun show all around.

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Re: Food Network show The Kitchen

I adore Sunny.  I also really like Jeff.  While, I admire GZ's credentials, it just feels like he doesn't fit it with the rest.  Katie seems like a lovely person but I find her to be a snoozefest.

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Re: Food Network show The Kitchen

I have TRIED to watch that show, but then there is......Sunny...... not a fan and don't watch her elsewhere either--so don't watch ----too over the top for me.

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Re: Food Network show The Kitchen

I do enjoy this show for the most part. Sometimes some of the hosts get on my nerves,  but that's when I decide to switch to something else. I can take or leave Sunny and agree there are times she is very loud and obnoxious.

Can't remember who on this thread said something about Katie Lee. I think her claim to fame is that she was once married to Billy Joel, and she was a judge on Top Chef for a bit. Not sure if it was more than one season, but I had never heard of her before that.

I think they show good tips and short cuts on this show


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Re: Food Network show The Kitchen

I think the four ( sometimes five)  personalities complement each other very well.

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Re: Food Network show The Kitchen

Geoffery Z is making a gold mine selling his stuff on the Q he doesn't know when to quit. the vinegar, oil coffee now come on. understand the cast iron pans but now this. enough is enough.